Big Brother 2023 results as BRUTAL eviction shocks house

One housemate faced a brutal exit in tonight’s Big Brother.

This evening saw The Final Reckoning draw to a close ahead of Friday’s live show.

The public had been voting for their winner and tonight one final housemate was evicted before the final five are revealed.

Big Brother group

They made a shock exit as housemates received their letters from home, taking the whole house by surprise.

As Yinrun read out Matty’s letter it added: “Unfortunately, your time is up. The public has been voting and you the next housemate to be evicted. You have 30 seconds to say your goodbyes. Love, Big Brother.”

“That’s so brutal,” reacted the shocked housemates.

In this evening’s episode, Big Brother gathered the remaining housemates and announced: “Seeing as you’ve all been such angels while staying in my house, I thought I’d treat you to a little taste of heaven.”

Big Brother added: “Each housemate I call to the Diary Room must decide whether to enter heaven themselves or choose another housemate to go through those pearly gates instead. Only half of you will get to experience a seven minute slice of your own personal heaven. The other half will remain slumming it down on earth.”

First to face Big Brother’s decision was Noky, presented with a tempting offer of an exclusive sushi buffet. However, choosing to indulge means Yinrun will lose the chance to experience a luxurious afternoon tea.

Then it was Matty’s turn, presented with the choice to let loose in a session of uninhibited dancing. Matty commented: “This could be exactly what I need.”

The dilemma continues: should Matty embrace this personal freedom, or should he pass the opportunity to Olivia? If he does, Olivia will get to revel in a seven-minute karaoke session complete with a cosmopolitan cocktail.

Big Brother's Yinrun reads letter

Lastly, Jordan entered the Diary Room, where Big Brother presented him with a choice: a glass of wine and classical music for himself, or he can sacrifice his moment for Henry. If Jordan chooses to give up his treat, Henry will get to spend seven precious minutes with his beloved dog, Mabel.

Big Brother then had one last surprise, announcing: “Housemates. Before the gates of heaven close for the day, I wanted to give you all the ultimate heavenly gift – your letters from home.”

There are tears as messages are read out – before one housemate was brutally evicted.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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