Tonight’s Big Brother 2023 spoilers from latest episode (12 October)


Here’s a spoiler-filled preview of tonight’s Big Brother 2023 highlights on ITV2.

In this evening’s (12 October) fourth episode of the new series, tensions come to a head as the first shopping task concludes.

For the past two days, housemates have been set to work in Big Brother’s new office, Big Bros Ltd.

Big Brother first look at the shopping task

Jordan, who serves as the designated fire warden, spends the night keeping watch. He says: “We’re waiting on the fire alarm. I was awake all night waiting for that. The safety of my housemates is paramount to me.”

Jordan’s commitment is put to the test when the fire alarm does indeed go off, leading all the housemates into the garden as part of the evacuation procedure.

Throughout the day, they engage in various tasks, such as counting change and sealing envelopes. A sudden power cut plunges Big Bros Ltd into darkness, prompting three housemates to tackle an electricity-themed challenge. The pressing question remains: have the housemates done enough to pass the initial shopping task?

Farida and Kerry’s continue to clash

Meanwhile housemates Farida and Kerry have not been shy about their ongoing clashes.

While discussing Kerry’s promotion in the shopping task, Farida expresses her concerns. She says: “She might be proud that she’s been promoted because she’s even higher than the middle management and that title will make her feel extremely honoured.

Big Brother's Farida and Kerry

“However, I hope it’s full of tasks as in counting rather than working her mouth but working her mindset, her brain, her hands.”

Later in the day, Farida, Kerry, and Olivia engage in a conversation about cosmetic procedures which leads to another tense moment between the pair.

Olivia fumes over the shopping

Following the verdict on whether the housemates have passed or failed the shopping task, housemates begin deliberating on the order for the week’s groceries.

Olivia says: “Can I also make a point, and it might be controversial? Feel free to disagree, but I do feel like the people who were on the bottom should have top priority in that kind of situation. A lot of the bottoms feel the same way, and some of the middles feel the same way.”

However Farida disagrees: “If I had to do their job, what they did would have been a nightmare for me—the Big Wigs.”

Big Brother's Olivia

Olivia reacts: “What? Eating like a king?”

The housemates are left to grapple with their differences and reach a resolution regarding the shopping list, aiming to ensure everyone is content with this week’s order.

Big Brother 2023 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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