Big Brother spoiler! Olivia fumes as housemates argue over shopping list

The Big Brother house erupts in drama tonight as housemates disagree over the week’s first shopping list.

This evening sees the end of the initial shopping task of the series, dubbed Big Bros Ltd.

On Jordan’s birthday, he showcases his unwavering commitment as the designated fire warden by sleeping in his uniform, poised for any potential fire alarm associated with this week’s shopping task.

Big Brother housemates argue over shopping list

He says: “We’re waiting on the fire alarm. I was awake all night waiting for that. The safety of my housemates is paramount to me.”

Just as Jordan shares his dedication, the fire alarm springs into action, prompting all housemates to gather in the garden as part of the evacuation procedure.

As the two-day task continues, housemates must complete a variety of menial tasks including counting change and sealing envelopes.

Following the revelation of whether the housemates have succeeded or fallen short in the shopping task, Hallie takes charge of the shopping list as the housemates begin discussions on this week’s order.

Paul suggests: “Let the people responsible for cooking make the decision.”

Olivia interjects: “Can I also make a point, and it might be controversial? Feel free to disagree.

“I do feel like those who were assigned the Bottoms [in the task] should be given top priority in such a situation. Feel free to disagree, but many of the Bottoms share this sentiment, and even some of the Middles feel the same way.”

Farida however offers a differing perspective, stating: “I disagree because, to be honest, if I had to do their job, what they did would have been a nightmare for me – the Big Wigs.”

Big Brother Farida

Olivia retorts: “What? Eating like a king?”

Can the housemates reach a consensus on the shopping list and ensure everyone is content with this week’s order?

Elsewhere in this evening’s show, Farida and Kerry continue to clash.

Big Brother 2023 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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