Tonight Jimmy Carr Destroys Art in new Channel 4 special

Jimmy Carr hosts a “unique television experiment” on Channel 4 tonight.


Jimmy Carr Destroys Art will see the comedian host a one-off show where an audience decide whether to cancel controversial artists and offensive artworks.

However in a twist, the works they vote to cancel will be literally destroyed.

Channel 4 share: “Celebrating Channel 4’s disruptive roots, this provocative television first asks where people draw the line today between artistic expression, controversy and harm.

“Britain seems riven by disagreement about art. Public statues are being torn down or defaced, and galleries are being petitioned or used as places for protest. The question of what to do with problematic art takes us to the heart of what we truly believe in.

“Featuring surprises, stunts and public experiments conducted by well-known artists across Britain, Jimmy Carr Destroys Art knocks art off its pedestal and gives ordinary members of the public a voice in the art world over what we value and what needs to go in the bin.”

Jimmy Carr Destroys Art will air tonight, Tuesday 25 October, at 9:15PM on Channel 4.


The show is one of many announced as part of the channel’s Truth and Dare Season” with the broadcaster saying the new programming will “set to do what Channel 4 was created for: to give voice to the unheard, say the unsayable and show the unseen.”

Other shows include Prince Andrew: The Musical and a new documentary titled What is a Woman?.