Prince Andrew: The Musical is coming to Channel 4 as part of 40th anniversary

Channel 4 has announced a raft of new programming as part of its 40th anniversary.

The channel says the shows in its Truth and Dare Season “are set to do what Channel 4 was created for: to give voice to the unheard, say the unsayable and show the unseen.”

Made by Hat Trick Productions, Prince Andrew: The Musical is written by Kieran Hodgson who also stars with original music co-written by Freddie Tapner.

Channel 4 share: “The story centres on the key events, relationships, and controversies of Andrew’s life, including a reimagining of the former-HRH’s bombshell interview with Emily Maitlis in which the man behind the headlines faces the music.”

The season will also include a revival of Friday Night Live, the much-loved Channel 4 show that made household names of Ben Elton, French and Saunders, Julian Clary, Fry and Laurie and Jo Brand.

Channel 4’s Ian Katz said: “From musical satire about Prince Andrew to an exploration of cancel culture in art via men with very large penises, this season shows that Channel 4 is still as mischievous, disruptive and distinctive as when it was born 40 years ago.

“Instead of a nostalgia-thon of highlights from the last four decades, we are celebrating with a collection of irreverent, thought-provoking and hugely entertaining shows that no other broadcaster would air. If we must age, we plan to do it disgracefully.”

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