New Channel 4 documentary asks ‘What is a Woman?’

Channel 4 is to ask ‘What is a Woman?’ in a new one-off documentary.

The 60-minute show will air as part of the channel’s Truth and Dare season, marking 40 years since the creation of Channel 4.

A teaser for the doc shares: “At the very moment that free speech is at the top of the news agenda, after the attack on Salman Rushdie, this one-off documentary will test the limits of free speech in the UK today by getting to the heart of what has become a highly controversial debate – what is a woman?

“Exploring the arguments around transgender rights and women’s rights, the film will investigate how and why this issue has become so contentious, promising to take the spikiest of subjects to the mainstream.”

Further details, including an air date, are to be confirmed.

Other shows in the season include Prince Andrew: The Musical, a number of documentaries and Jimmy Carr presenting an “arts event like no other”

Channel 4’s Ian Katz said: “From musical satire about Prince Andrew to an exploration of cancel culture in art via men with very large penises, this season shows that Channel 4 is still as mischievous, disruptive and distinctive as when it was born 40 years ago.

“Instead of a nostalgia-thon of highlights from the last four decades, we are celebrating with a collection of irreverent, thought-provoking and hugely entertaining shows that no other broadcaster would air.

“If we must age, we plan to do it disgracefully.”

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