Tommy Jessop Goes to Hollywood on a mission to create his own superhero


Tommy Jessop heads to Hollywood tonight on a heroic mission to rewrite Hollywood norms.

Determined to prove that individuals with Down syndrome can embody heroes onscreen, Tommy Jessop takes a bold step when faced with a lack of suitable roles.

Motivated by his agent’s advice, Tommy, with the support of his filmmaker brother Will Jessop, decides to create his very own superhero movie.

Kit Harington and Tommy Jessop
Kit Harington and Tommy Jessop. Credit: BBC Studios/Will Jessop

Naming his heroic alter ego Roger, after his cherished teddy bear, Tommy infuses the character with his personal experiences as someone with Down syndrome, determined to challenge misconceptions and pave the way for better representation.

Tommy’s aspiration is to pitch his brainchild, “Roger the Superhero,” to Hollywood’s bigwigs. With resourcefulness and creativity, the Jessop brothers harness every available resource to bring Tommy’s vision to life.

From recruiting their mother as a stunt driver to enlisting the help of famous actors via heartfelt video messages, their determination knows no bounds. Their journey takes them to a stunt training day, where they create an exhilarating action trailer featuring Tommy as he takes on an army of adversaries.

As the project unfolds, the brothers’ bond strengthens alongside their film idea. Their tenacity yields surprising results, eventually leading them on an unforgettable trip to Hollywood. Navigating the glitzy landscape of Los Angeles, they forge new connections and bask in the camaraderie of A-list friends.

Their journey is punctuated by encounters with prominent figures from the film industry, including Kit Harington, Will Sharpe, Zack Gottsagen, Neve Campbell, JJ Feild, and producer Joel Zadak. Through these interactions, the resounding message is clear: Tommy’s aspirations are within reach, and he’s poised to redefine the Hollywood narrative.

Tommy said: “This documentary is an amazing adventure and a dream come true. It truly has been wicked having a camera and being able to tell my own story. Some of my personal highlights are going to Hollywood with my brother Will, meeting A-list actors, pitching my movie called Roger the Superhero, and singing along to S Club 7. I give it a 10 out of 10, and I hope you will enjoy watching it.”

Tommy Jessop Goes to Hollywood airs on BBC One on Monday, 21 August at 9PM.

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