Time series two: How to watch all episodes online now

Series two has made its debut on BBC One – here’s how to watch all episodes online right now.

Written once again by Jimmy McGovern, the new series features a brand new plot and cast.

Narrated from the perspectives of three distinct inmates, Time series 2 offers a poignant and intense glimpse into life within a women’s correctional facility.

Bella Ramsey, Tamara Lawrance, Jodie Whittaker
Bella Ramsey, Tamara Lawrance and Jodie Whittaker. Credit: BBC

Orla, Abi, and Kelsey, all new arrivals at Carlingford Prison, find themselves navigating the daunting environment together. Despite the constant shadow of hostility looming over them, they unearth a surprising bond and the potential for camaraderie and mutual comprehension within the prison’s confines.

Watch Time on TV and online

Time starts on BBC One on Sunday, 29 October at 9PM. Episodes air weekly on TV.

Alternatively you can watch the full series online right now via the BBC iPlayer here with all episodes immediately available.

The series has three, hour long episodes.

A full synopsis of the opening episode shares: “Three women are pulled into each other’s orbit when they arrive at Carlingford prison on the same day. Whilst single mother Orla fights to keep her children out of care and desperately tries to wrest her life back on track, young heroin addict Kelsey is presented with a life-defining decision.

“Meanwhile, tough lifer Abi is haunted by a sinister secret that attracts unwanted attention from fellow inmates, putting her safety at risk.”

The full cast of Time features Jodie Whittaker, Tamara Lawrance and Bella Ramsey in new leading roles. Siobhan Finneran, reprises her character from the first series.

Also on the cast are Sophie Willan, Julie Graham, Alicia Forde, Lisa Millett, Faye McKeever, Kayla Meikle, James Corrigan, Nicholas Nunn and Maimuna Memon.

Time airs on BBC One and iPlayer. The first series is available on BBC iPlayer now.

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