This is MY House episodes, celebrity panel and all about BBC One’s new show

This Is My House number of episodes and how to watch online

This is MY House is the new entertainment show coming to BBC One – here’s all you need to know.


This is MY House sees four people walk into a home and say, “This Is MY House”. The catch, only one of them is telling the truth.

The BBC tease: “This Is MY House promises plenty of laugh out loud moments as each of the four opponents tries to prove that they are the real deal. It’s a fun show that challenges our prejudices and asks a simple question. Can the truth win?”

A celebrity panel will try to guess correctly and if they’re right the honest homeowner will win a cash prize.

The new series currently airs Wednesday nights on BBC One at 9PM.

Six episodes will air weekly on TV and online via the BBC iPlayer here.

Stacey Dooley will host, joined by comedian and current King of the ballroom, Bill Bailey, comedian and actress Emily Atack, comedian Jamali Maddix and comedian and Loose Woman Judi Love.

Shares Stacey: “We go into people’s houses, where there are three imposters and one genuine homeowner, and our celebrity panel have to figure out who really lives there. If they guess correctly, the homeowner wins £1,000 but if an imposter convinces them, the homeowner goes home with nothing.

“It’s really daft and fun, it’s total escapism! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think people will enjoy playing along at home.”

Each week the celebrity panel will be joined by a guest panellist.


This Is My House episodes

The number of episodes in the series is six.

Episode 1 – 24 March
Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen joins as guest panellist as we meet four people claiming to be Fern Maxted. They include an LA society girl who bought her Ashford home on the internet and is disappointed the area is less chocolate box, more ‘glorified car park’; a mum of three who has a moral meltdown when someone finds a saucy bottle opener in her drawers; a former PR man who claims that Fern is short for Fernando; and someone who is so adamant that she is the real homeowner that she is prepared to lick the furniture to prove it.

Episode 2 – 31 March
Rob Rinder joins the celeb panel who are are looking for the real Michael, and at first sight of the four players, the panel are instantly thrown by a familiar face. The path to the truth becomes further obscured by one Michael’s inability to remember anything about his own life, another Michael’s very familiar chat about his beloved Rachel, and another Michael looking like someone who once chatted up Emily Atack in a bar.

Episode 3 – 7 April
Jimmy Carr is the week’s guest as he joins the panel in trying to find the real Gemma, who lives with her partner Pete and her two children in Farnham, Surrey. Her house may be easy to spot with its technicolour cladding and out-there interior, but the true Gemma is apparently not. One Gemma has gone to town with the décor after becoming newly single, and there’s an ‘insta-mum’ Gemma who decorates her house for the ‘likes’, a Gemma who says she got into rainbows before the rest of the UK and a Gemma who wants to make a statement to her neighbours.

Note: From Episode 4, the show will switch to Thursday nights.

Episode 4 – 15 April
This week’s guest panelists are Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams. This time, four people claim to be Mitch from Hinckley near Leicester, to be married to partner Adam and to be the interiors enthusiast who has lovingly created their green-heavy home. The clues to the real homeowner’s identity include a marriage proposal story, some fish, an electronic bin and multiple cans of hairspray.

Episode 5 – 22 April
Guests Joe Sugg and Richard Madeley join the show for this week where the mystery surrounds Clare and her partner John, who live in Guildford. Trying to pass themselves off as the lady of the manor are one Clare who has a moment over a watering can, a Klara from Slovakia who says most people think she is the cleaner not the homeowner, a former air hostess who met John on a flight, and another Clare who claims to have been living in the property all her life. But the plot really thickens when John makes a last minute appearance, sending the panel into a tailspin.

Episode 6 – 29 April
In the final episode, the panel are joined by guest Katie Piper. This week, four people claim to be Erica, an artist living with partner Sam in a stylish south east London home. They answer questions on everything from Erica’s favourite clothes, her relationship with Sam, the story of their wedding day and the name of their plumber, after which the panel are still none the wiser as to who is the real homeowner. The decision falls to one man on a mission.


You can catch up with episodes of This is MY House online via BBC iPlayer.

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