Things You Should Have Done release date for BBC TV show

Things You Should Have Done promotional image

Things You Should Have Done, a six-part sitcom from Lucia Keskin, airs 29 February at 9PM on BBC Three and iPlayer, featuring a unique blend of Gen-Z humor and family dynamics.

Things You Should Have Done is described as a “hilarious, offbeat, dysfunctional family-sitcom”.

The six-part series will be released on Thursday, 29 February at 9PM, airing on TV on BBC Three and streaming on iPlayer.

On the cast, Lucia Keskin stars as Chi with Selin Hizli as Auntie Karen, Martha Cope as Chi’s Mum, Darren Strange as Chi’s Dad and Daniel Fearn as Dave.

Chi prides herself on being a ‘stay-at-home-daughter’, embracing a life filled with crisps, quirky vlogs, and sitcom marathons – a routine she’s maintained for two decades. However, her world turns upside down following the sudden death of her parents, her primary source of support. Now, Chi faces the daunting task of navigating life on her own.

To inherit her family home, Chi must complete a series of tasks outlined in a ‘Things You Should Have Done’ list left by her parents, ranging from ‘Pet a dog’ to ‘Get a job’. Amidst this, Chi’s relationship with her Auntie Karen is strained. Karen, who is quite tense and dismissive, has no desire to assist her needy niece, yet she covets the house, believing it to be rightfully hers.

As Chi attempts to check off each item from the list, she interacts with the residents of Ramsgate, impacting their lives in unexpected ways and often leaving them regretting their encounters. Through these experiences, Chi gradually expands her understanding of life beyond her previously sheltered existence.

Lucia Keskin said: “I cannot believe it’s actually happening, very excited and just so grateful to fulfil a dream with such a great team of people. But above all it’s just nice to get out of the house.”

Producer Steve Monger of Roughcut Television added: “Chi really has a one-of-a-kind comedy brain! I can’t wait to see her brand of offbeat Gen-Z humour meets traditional sitcom unleashed on the BBC. It’s been an absolute dream bringing this mad show to life with a super talented cast, crew and commissioning team.”

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