The Woman In The Wall next episode, how to watch online and number of episodes

The Woman In The Wall cast, number of episodes and how to watch online

Here’s all about new BBC drama The Woman In The Wall.

The upcoming gothic thriller is spearheaded by the talented BAFTA award-winner Ruth Wilson (Mrs Wilson, The Affair, Luther), co-starring alongside the accomplished BAFTA nominee Daryl McCormack (Good Luck to You Leo Grande, Peaky Blinders, Bad Sisters).

This riveting series is written and created by Joe Murtagh, the creative mind behind Calm with Horses.

Detective Colman Akande (DARYL McCORMACK).
The Woman In the Wall: Detective Colman Akande (DARYL McCORMACK). Credit: BBC/Motive Pictures/Colin Barr

Set against the backdrop of one of Ireland’s most heart-wrenching scandals, The Woman In The Wall dives deep into the haunting world of The Magdalene Laundries. These institutions, shrouded in darkness, become the focal point of a sensitively crafted fictional drama that resonates with echoes of reality.

The Woman In The Wall on TV and online

The Woman In The Wall begins on BBC One on Sunday, 27 August and Monday, 28 August at 9PM. The show then continues Sunday nights at 9PM.

The series has six-episodes. You can also watch online via BBC iPlayer.

Meet Lorna Brady (portrayed by Wilson), a woman hailing from the quaint, fictional Irish town of Kilkinure. Her world is turned upside down one fateful morning when she stumbles upon a lifeless body in her home. The chilling twist? Lorna has no recollection of the deceased woman’s identity, nor can she ascertain whether she herself is entangled in a web of murder. Plagued by crippling bouts of sleepwalking since her harrowing confinement in a convent at the tender age of 15, Lorna’s life has been forever altered. In the shadows of her fragmented memory lies the heart-wrenching tale of her daughter Agnes, cruelly wrenched from her loving arms without a trace.

Enter Detective Colman Akande (played by McCormack), a determined investigator on Lorna’s trail. Though seemingly unrelated to the enigmatic corpse, Colman’s pursuit of justice unveils unforeseen layers of complexity. His meteoric rise in the ranks of the Garda Síochána is fueled by an innate brilliance, his acerbic wit masking a deep-seated melancholy. As Colman’s path converges with Lorna’s, the two are thrust into a whirlwind of secrets and revelations that will forever alter their lives.

As Lorna’s desperate quest for her daughter intertwines with Colman’s relentless pursuit of truth, the stage is set for a riveting tale of mystery, suspense, and emotional discovery.

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