The Voice Kids sees amazing cover of Hamilton’s ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’

A 13-year-old covered Hamilton’s It’s Quiet Uptown on The Voice Kids on ITV this weekend.


Gracie was one of the latest acts on Saturday’s show, as auditions entered the third weekend.

She told cameras she dreams of making it on the West End before singing on the show.

Gracie from Wigan performed It’s Quiet Uptown from hit musical Hamilton for coaches Jessie J,, Danny Jones and Pixie Lott.

You can watch Gracie’s audition on The Voice Kids below…

“I sing 24/7,” Gracie said on the ITV series. “My dream is to be on the West End. I have the most supportive family in the world. It might be hard to shut them up.”


Despite the incredible performance, Gracie shockingly didn’t get any spins from the coaches who had just a handful of spaces left on the teams.

Pixie reacted to the audition: “That was crazy. Your voice is really great.”

Despite not turning, Danny praised: “To hold it altogether right through to the end of that performance. That’s an amazing thing.”

Jessie J admitted: “I think for us, it’s really hard. We’re all over thinking and over analysing.” later confessed:: “I didn’t turn because I messed up. She was so good I was too in the clouds, sometimes you just let things go.”

“I really hope Gracie comes back next year,” added Jessie.

The Voice Kids airs on ITV on Saturday nights.

Other auditions this weekend included 11-year-old Jazzy B getting all four coaches spinning with an Ella Eyre cover.


And there was a cuteness overload as 7-year-old Peyton sang a cover of Colours of The Wind from Pocahontas and got Will, Pixie and Jessie to hit their buzzers.

Auditions for the new series continue next weekend on ITV.