The Speedshop comes to BBC Two for full series

The Speedshop will return to BBC Two this weekend for a full series following a pilot in 2020.

The engineering and adventure series follows custom bike builder, Titch Cormack and his team as they take on a range of mechanical challenges, converting broken and battered vehicles into beautiful, bespoke machines – ready for daring adventures on wheels.

Titch left a 10-year career in UK Special Forces (Special Boat Service) to follow his dream, designing, building, and selling custom vintage motorcycles and cars.

Joining his team are friends mechanic Billy, an ex-Tank Regiment Commander, who suffered life-changing injuries following an IED explosion in Afghanistan, and John, an ex-Staff Sgt from the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers – and all-round ‘guru of engineering’.

A teaser shares: “This six-part series follows this tight-knit gang as they take on an eclectic range of projects, from creating an adapted motorcycle sidecar for a quadriplegic ex Special Forces soldier, to attempting a 700km trans-Iceland ride on modified bikes fitted with hastily designed skis.

“One week they are refurbishing the oldest Land Rover Defender on the England and Wales Mountain Rescue fleet, the next they’re competing in a brutal, bone-breaking (literally) beach race with Titch on a restored 1974 scrambler, a machine built the same year he was born.

“It’s a series filled with heart, camaraderie, and plenty of laughs as these friends and colleagues grant us access to their adventurous engineering world.”

The Speedshop starts Sunday, 20 March at 8PM on BBC Two and iPlayer. The show is made by Grant Wardrop Productions, with post-production work completed at The Finish Line.

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