The Repair Shop tonight – seascape painting, dislocated doll, Parisian plate

The Repair Shop is back on BBC One tonight with a repeat episode as more guests make a visit to the barn.

This evening (Wednesday, 25 October) sees the return of episode 8 from series eight which first aired in 2021.

Jay Blades and his team embark on a mission to restore four cherished family heirlooms and the precious memories they hold.

the repair shop

Lucia Scalisi, a painting conservator, takes on a symbolic seascape painting brought into the workshop. Owners Jenny and James found solace on the Pembrokeshire seashore after the loss of their baby son, Elijah, just 37 days after his birth.

This painting, featuring a rocky harbour and a rowing boat, has become a symbol of the turbulent emotions they’ve endured. Restoring such a poignant piece is a significant responsibility for Lucia, but when the couple returns to see her work, they are deeply moved.

Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell, known as the “bear ladies,” set out to mend a dislocated doll that belongs to Ana, who, as a child, fled to the UK from Bosnia with her parents. With the help of mechanical expert Steve Fletcher, who addresses the doll’s quirky eye, the ladies work to make the baby doll sturdier and less eerie.

Farmer Simon hopes to see his grandfather’s vintage seed-sower, a fiddle drill, back in working order. The unusual drill has seen better days, but with the combined craftsmanship of metal and leather experts Dominic Chinea and Suzie Fletcher, it’s soon restored to its former glory.

Ceramics expert Kirsten Ramsey takes on the challenge of reviving an earthenware Parisian plate that has a rich history. It belonged to a family that fled the Nazi invasion of France and embarked on a journey around the world, always carrying their precious plate with them.

The Repair Shop airs tonight at 8PM on BBC One. You can also watch online via BBC iPlayer.

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