The Reckoning: How to watch the full series online now

The Reckoning has made its debut on BBC One – here’s how to watch the full series online right now.

The new four-part series delves into the life of Jimmy Savile, a man who, over several decades, rose to prominence as one of the UK’s most influential celebrities.

However, in the wake of shocking revelations about extensive and horrifying abuses, Savile has posthumously become one of modern history’s most despised figures.

Jimmy Saville (STEVE COOGAN) sitting in a giant chair
Jimmy Saville (STEVE COOGAN). Credit: BBC/ITV Studios/Matt Squire

Through the unique storytelling capabilities of drama, the series offers a deep exploration of how Savile leveraged his fame and influential connections to mask his crimes and take advantage of systemic shortcomings.

Watch The Reckoning on TV and online

The Reckoning begins on BBC One on Monday, 9 October at 9PM and continues on Tuesday, 10 October.

Alternatively you can watch the full series online right now via the BBC iPlayer here with all episodes immediately available.

The series has four, hour long episodes.

A synopsis of the first episode shares: “In the early 60s, Jimmy Savile became famous as a DJ in the dance halls of Leeds and Manchester. He ran sell-out dances for young people – but was also able to exploit this position.

“In an effort to legitimise his reputation, Savile took advantage of his celebrity status to pursue a voluntary role at his local hospital, Leeds General Infirmary. And his popularity as a DJ led the BBC to ask him to host their new TV show Top of the Pops.”

The full cast of The Reckoning is led by Steve Coogan as Savile.

He said ahead of the series: “The point that I hope people will take away is that they learn to listen to victims and survivors, and learn to take these things seriously. If you treat people with respect and we act together then you can avoid something like this from happening in the future.

“As the series shows, the people who did have information about Savile and those he preyed on were so often people with ostensibly low status who couldn’t change things. The people who could have made things better were people in positions of power, and they are more culpable than the people who did not wield that power.

“Let’s make sure we learn from this and therefore avoid it happening in the future.”

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