The Queen’s favourite chocolates revealed in new ITV documentary

The Queen’s favourite chocolates are revealed as ITV heads behind the scenes of London’s most exclusive shopping street.


Billion Pound Bond Street – debuting Thursday, 10 June on ITV and ITV Hub – follows the shops and workers on Bond Street as they battle to stay open amid the pandemic.

The glamorous half mile between Oxford Street and Piccadilly boasts more luxury brands and more royal warrants than any other in Britain. It’s the place to go if you want a £20,000 handbag, a £250,000 watch or a multi-million-pound diamond. But who buys a designer bag in a pandemic?

The new series will go behind the scenes with everyone from Dior and British jewellers Boodles to auction house Bonhams and royal chocolate maker Charbonnel et Walker.

In the first episode, the Queen’s favourite chocolates are revealed as the floral creams at Charbonnel et Walker.

Adam Lee, chief chocolatier at Charbonnel et Walker shares: “The Queen does have a list of favourite chocolates with us. But I’m not allowed to divulge that directly to you, however, I can just say that she has very floral tastes, which may become evident if we look at the chocolates a little bit later, but maybe we should start with our two most popular chocolates which are rose and violet creams. I never said a word, never said a word.”

Adam Lee tells the programme about Charbonnel et Walker’s best selling confectionery, including a £280 box of chocolates, and viewers will see it being made.

Adam reveals: “King Edward VII, who is our current queen’s great-grandfather… his favourite chocolate was made by Madam Charbonnel in Paris and he persuaded her to come over here. He was rather well known for having beautiful mistresses and we like to think that maybe that was another side of the story of why she came over here to see him.”

He adds: “We are so lucky to have Her Majesty’s Royal Warrant. We have lots of pictures of The Queen and The Royal Family around the shop, they were given to us by the palace.”


Billion Pound Bond Street airs on ITV and ITV Hub from 9PM on Thursday (10 June).

Picture: Adam Lees Chief Chocolatier at royal chocolate maker Charbonnel and Walker. Credit: ITV

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