Madame Blanc Mysteries Christmas special cast and air date

The Madame Blanc Mysteries is back for a brand new Christmas special tonight.


Sally Lindsay will once again reprise her role of Jean White and join forces with Sue Vincent as Gloria Beaushaw for a brand new special.

When is The Madame Blanc Mysteries Christmas special on TV?

The 2023 Madame Blanc Mysteries Christmas special will air on Channel 5 on Friday, 22 December at 9PM.

As Christmas approaches in Sainte Victoire, Judith and Jeremy plan a thrilling evening for their friends – a murder mystery night at the historically eerie Hotel Sanguinet.

The group, including Jean, Dom, Caron, Judith, Jeremy, and Gloria, sets off on a mini road trip, journeying about an hour from Sainte Victoire to their destination. Upon arrival at Hotel Sanguinet, they are greeted by Jeremy’s friends and the struggling owners of the hotel, Martin and Lydia, who are desperately seeking new investors to keep their business afloat. The hotel’s sole employee is the longstanding butler, Johnson, a legacy from the previous owner.

Jeremy’s prediction of a storm, based on a peculiar sensation in his big toe, comes true as a fierce tempest unleashes heavy rain upon the hotel. The murder mystery night, meant to be an entertaining charade, takes a sinister twist when a real murder occurs amidst the festivities.

Sally Lindsay in The Madame Blanc Mysteries.
Sally Lindsay in The Madame Blanc Mysteries. Picture: Viacom/Channel 5

While the others sleep, Jean, unsettled by the eerie atmosphere of the hotel, teams up with Dom to scour the hotel for clues under the cover of night. Their quest raises the crucial questions: Will Jean uncover the identity of the murderer? And can she solve the longstanding ghostly mysteries that have shrouded Hotel Sanguinet for years?

Who’s on the cast of The Madame Blanc Mysteries?

Those starring in the upcoming Christmas special include:

  • Sally Lindsay as Jean White
  • Alex Gaumond as Caron
  • Sue Vincent as Gloria
  • Steve Edge as Dom Hayes
  • Sue Holderness as Judith Lloyd James
  • Robin Askwith as Jeremy Lloyd James
  • Murielle Huet des Aunay
  • Karine Ambrosia as Bridget

The Madame Blanc Mysteries renewed for third series

Ahead of the Christmas special, a third series of The Madame Blanc Mysteries has been confirmed to start on Thursday, 5 January at 9PM on Channel 5.


In the upcoming seven-episode series, esteemed antiques dealer Jean White makes a comeback, bringing her extensive knowledge of antiquities to the forefront. Her expertise becomes crucial in unravelling a sequence of murders and enigmas, all set against the picturesque French village of Sainte Victoire.

For now you can catch up on season two on Amazon Prime Video here.

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