The Love Trap: Joel Dommett hosts new Channel 4 reality dating game show


Joel Dommett will present a brand new reality dating game show on Channel 4.

The Love Trap will see a group of single women trying to win the hearts of one man.

However not all of the women are in it for love, with some after a cash prize instead.

The man will have to try and correctly eliminate those in it for the money if they want to stand a chance of finding true love.

At the end of each episode one suspected love trap will be dumped, quite literally, through the trap door.

Channel 4 tease: “In the modern world of dating, it’s harder than ever before to know who to trust. Now this brand-new reality-gameshow hybrid ingeniously subverts familiar dating show tropes in order to explore just how good we all are at spotting a genuine connection.”

The Love Trap will begin on Channel 4 on Wednesday, 20 October at 10PM.

The man at the centre of it all is 34-year-old personal trainer David Birtwistle, who previously appeared on Too Hot To Handle.

Meanwhile the women are playing for £20,000.

Joel Dommett said: “Super proud to announce I’ll be presenting the new series, Love Trap on Channel 4! I love lying, love, and trap doors so it’s all I’ve ever wanted. It’s genuinely a huge idea and I’m excited that they have trusted me at the helm.”

The series is being made by producers Leon Wilson and Ed Sleeman, the same makers behind Netflix’s hit reality dating show Too Hot To Handle.

Channel 4’s Factual Entertainment commissioning editor Lee McMurray said: “Like Cluedo for love, everyone will get to play along at home in this hugely entertaining new format, which tests character and commitment in a fresh way.”

Leon and Ed at Great Scott Media added: “We are excited to bring a fresh take to dating with this reality gameshow mashup and can’t wait for the audience to have a chance to play detective. Will our single man fall in love or will he fall into a trap?”