The Island 2019 cast: Meet the contestants on Treasure Island with Bear Grylls

The Island with Bear Grylls contestants and cast for season 6 - Instagram usernames

The Island 2019 with Bear Grylls continues tonight and here are the contestants on the cast for series six.


Here you can meet the contestants who are taking on the challenge of Bear Grylls’ Treasure Island on Channel 4 in Season 6.

Airing Sunday nights at 9PM, The Island with Bear Grylls’ for 2019 brings with it a brand a new twist: Treasure!

For 2019, the series has seen money become directly involved with a £100,000 prize in what has been named ‘Treasure Island With Bear Grylls’.

The money is hidden across The Island but there’s a catch: If contestants leave early, they must leave empty-handed. Only those who make it to the very end, can keep their share of any loot they find.

Bear Grylls said: “This radical new twist on the Island experience will test whether human nature really is ruled by the quest for financial gain, or whether co-operation and altruism in the face of adversity can bring their own reward.”

The contestants are from a diverse range of backgrounds, including a 20-year-old waitress to a 75-year-old AirBnB owner. There are also doctors, nurses, salespersons and writers.

Meet the contestants taking part in Bear Grylls’ Treasure Island below…

The Island 2019 cast

Marco D’Andrea

Marco D’Andrea.

Instagram username: @marco_dandrea_

30-year-old Marco is a former Royal Marines Commando turned photographer and graphic designer.


Mano Shan

Mano Shan.

Instagram username: @drmanoshan

42-year-old Mano works as a Paediatric Neurosurgeon in Belfast.


Elissa Corrigan

Elissa Corrigan.

Instagram username: @misselissac

33-year-old Elissa is a writer and fitness fanatic.


Emily Webster


Instagram username: @emontheisland

30-year-old Emily is a dental nurse from Suffolk.




50-year-old Jim lives in Kent and runs a building consultancy business.


Cat Lewis

Cat Lewis.

Instagram username: @clewisxxiv__

28-year-old Cat is an intensive care nurse from Essex, giving one-to-one nursing care to patients on full life support or induced comas.


Morag Barson

Morag Barson.

Instagram username: @barsonmorag

58-year-old Morag is a property developer from Berkshire.


Irene Cattanach

Irene Cattanach.

Instagram username: @irene_cattanach

75-year-old Irene runs an AirBnB in Scotland. She is the oldest contestant to ever go on The Island. She lives with her husband, Euan and has three children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She’s a world silver medallist for her jams and marmalades.


Jack Tyrimos


24-year-old Jack runs his own plumbing business.


Ivar Mountbatten


Instagram username: @ivar_mountbatten

55-year-old Ivar runs the Bridwell Park estate in Devon. He’s a member of the British aristocracy and his first cousin once removed is The Duke of Edinburgh – his father and The Duke were cousins. His great, great, great grandmother was Queen Victoria.


Ruby Torry

Ruby Torry.

Instagram username: @ruby_torry

20-year-old Ruby from Yorkshire runs as a waitress supervisor in a local restaurant. Her passion is fitness and when she’s not working or with friends she’s at the gym with her personal trainer.


Ben Kandel

Ben Kandel.

Instagram username: @bentreasureisland

27-year-old Ben is a father to be who works as a double glazing salesman in Manchester.



The Island with Bear Grylls airs on Channel 4 Sunday nights at 9PM.

You can watch episodes live and catch up online via the All4 player.

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