The Hairy Bikers Go North for new BBC Two series

The Hairy Bikers Go North air date

The Hairy Bikers will head north for their new series on BBC Two.


In their most personal journey yet, Si King and Dave Myers will travel from the west coast to the east, discovering the northern producers who are revolutionising the British food scene.

Each week the pair base themselves in one stunning location and explore the changing area through restaurants, recipes, producers and inventive new food entrepreneurs.

The Hairy Bikers Go North airs on BBC Two from Thursday, 23 September, 2021 at 8PM.

The BBC tease: “This is a food adventure that explains where the bikers came from, taking them to the regions they grew up in and have shaped them. But it isn’t all familiar territory. Through the Peaks and Dales they uncover inventive new production methods, allowing the Bikers to create some incredible new recipes that showcase the allure of the mighty North.

“They begin their journey In Lancashire, the red rose county, and travel through Cumbria, Yorkshire, The Peak district in Derbyshire, Northumberland and Newcastle.

“Along the way they take in some of the best gastro pubs in the land, meet award-winning local producers and an incredible range of young food entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing their local food scenes. They discover how tradition and the modern world are influencing one another in unique and exciting ways.”


Si King said: “Without doubt our most personal emotional and enlightening journey we’ve undertaken.

“Go North was a trip around the wonderful northern landscapes that shaped our identities, palates, culture and friendship. We met some great folk dedicated to their areas and to the continued success of their beloved communities. We flipping loved every turn of that motorcycle wheel.”

Dave Myers added: “It’s been nearly a decade since we went on the road in Britain and it’s true you quite often miss what’s on your own doorstep. We had already decided to film in the UK before Covid was an issue and stopped foreign travel, so we filmed here through choice not circumstance.

“The series is a love letter to the north, and a celebration of the food and the people that produce it. Viewers will get to see the two of us in our temporary homes in an intimate, honest reflection of two life-long friends cooking laughing and living together.

“We found amazing cooks, chefs and producers who have chosen to make the north their home. The landscape and roads are as varied as the people themselves. Please join us for a joyous romp through some of the finest food in the world and the world that is ours, The Hairy Bikers.”

Catherine Catton, BBC’s Head of Commissioning, Popular Factual and Factual Entertainment, commented: “We are delighted the Bikers are back with this joyous and celebratory new series showcasing the incredible diversity, innovation and technique of food producers from the west to east coast.


“A huge thanks to the Bikers and all the people they met who shared their stories with us, and the secrets to their success.”

Andrew Mackenzie, Executive Producer for South Shore, added: “Go North is timely and incredibly enjoyable. In the bikers most personal journey it shows off the north’s most incredible landscapes, creative people and beautiful food.”

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