The Great Pottery Throw Down 2022 contestants, results and WINNER revealed!

The Great Pottery Throw Down series 5 cast - who won and how to watch online

The Great Pottery Throw Down 2022 has concluded on Channel 4 – here’s a recap of the contestants, results and who won.

The Great Pottery Throw Down returned for series 5 with 12 new home potters competing this time.

Siobhán McSweeney and Ellie Taylor shared hosting duties as the contestants strived to create their most intricate and imaginative work, before their pieces were judged by expert judging duo Keith Brymer Jones and Rich Miller.

Episodes aired weekly on Sunday nights on Channel 4 or online via All 4.

The Great Pottery Throw Down 2022 contestants and results

Here’s a full rundown of all the results and who won this year’s series:

WINNER: AJ Simpson – 21-year-old design graduate from Aberdeen

RUNNER UP: Anna McGurn – 57-year-old social care facilitator from Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

RUNNER UP: Christine Cherry – 57-year-old art youth worker from Preston

ELIMINATED EPISODE 9: Lucinda Lovesey – 58-year-old retired NHS therapist from Shropshire

ELIMINATED EPISODE 8: Jenny Cobb – 43-year-old full-time mum from North Lincolnshire

ELIMINATED EPISODE 7: Tom Demeranville – 44-year-old product director from Bath

ELIMINATED EPISODE 6: Nick Robatto – 43-year-old prop maker from Barry, Wales

ELIMINATED EPISODE 5: Cellan – 23-year-old 3D design and craft graduate from Brighton (originally Cardiff)

ELIMINATED EPISODE 4: Miles Johnson – 50-year-old denim designer from Worcestershire

ELIMINATED EPISODE 3: Josh – 27-year-old design and technology teacher from Berkshire

ELIMINATED EPISODE 2: Zahra Jabir – 32-year-old doctor from Manchester

ELIMINATED EPISODE 1: Bill – 62-year-old museum learning assistant from Scarborough


The Great Pottery Throw Down final recap

The battle of the clay concluded on Sunday, 6 March as guest host Ellie Taylor joined Siobhán McSweeney.

In the final the three remaining potters went head-to-head as they faced two of their toughest challenges yet. First, they had to create a garden totem sculpture that tells their life story, followed by a regal devil’s work challenge set by judge and king of the crowns, Rich Miller.

He and fellow judge Keith Brymer Jones faced their hardest decision yet, as only one of the three finalists could be crowned the winner of The Great Pottery Throw Down.

The Great Pottery Throw Down airs on Sunday nights on Channel 4.

Episodes are available to watch online via the All 4 player here.