The Fast and the Farmer-ish teams revealed for series two

The Fast and the Farmer-ish teams of contestants taking part in series two have been revealed.

YouTube farming sensation Tom Pemberton is back to host the extraordinary competition for another outing in 2023.

In this one-of-a-kind contest, tractor drivers hailing from across the UK are pushed to their limits as they face a series of spectacular challenges.

The Fast and the Farmer-ish begins on Sunday, 1 October at 9PM on BBC Three and iPlayer.

The Fast and the Farmer-ish teams for 2023

The Hoke-aholics

Hoke-aholics. Credit: BBC/Alleycats TV/Pacemaker Press

27-year-olds Stephen ‘Red’ Martin and Niall Mavitty from Northern Ireland share a love for tractors, farming and a good laugh, though Stephen admits to a short temper.


Asheep at the Wheel

Asheep at the Wheel
Asheep at the Wheel. Credit: BBC/Alleycats TV/Pacemaker Press

25-year-old Scotland’s Rob McGregor and 19-year-old Josh Painter are determined competitors, with Josh hailing from the Shetland Islands and a background in sheep farming, while Rob helps run his father’s sheep farm and studies agriculture.


Nae Guts, Nae Glory

Nae Guts, Nae Glory
Nae Guts, Nae Glory. Credit: BBC/Alleycats TV/Pacemaker Press

Siblings 34-year-old Will Dornan and 25-year-old Becky Dornan from Scotland have farming in their blood and a strong bond, with memories of playing with tractor toys and learning to drive on their father’s old David Brown tractor.


Brothers in Farms

Brothers in Farms.
Brothers in Farms. Credit: BBC/Alleycats TV/Pacemaker Press

Welsh brothers 21-year-old Tom Ablitt and 31-year-old Ben Ablitt are always up for a laugh, but they’re serious about winning. Tom loves dairy farming but isn’t a fan of sheep, while Ben works on an organic beef farm and as a forestry contractor and tree surgeon.


Blonde Bandits

Blonde Bandits
Blonde Bandits. Credit: BBC/Alleycats TV/Pacemaker Press

English trio 28-year-old Sophie, 22-year-old Megan Ellett and 21-year-old and Sarah ‘Baz’ Riley are unapologetic tractor enthusiasts, ready to challenge stereotypes about “women drivers.” Sophie, Megan and Sarah bring their love for tractors to their jobs as agricultural contractors.


No Smoke, No Poke

No Smoke, No Poke
No Smoke, No Poke. Credit: BBC/Alleycats TV/Pacemaker Press

23-year-old Jack Hatt and 21-year-old Liam Birnie from England are tractor supergeeks with extensive knowledge of tractors. Jack, known as “Tractor Boy,” is an agricultural contractor, while Liam works for a tractor dealership, fulfilling his passion for tractors.


The new series of The Fast and the Farmer-ish will air on BBC Three at 9PM on Sunday 1 October. The full series will be available to watch online on BBC iPlayer from Sunday 1 October.

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