The Dog Hospital with Graeme Hall goes inside Britain’s top veterinary hospital

The Dog Hospital with Graeme Hall arrives on Channel 5 in October.

Graeme Hall, renowned for his expertise in training unruly dogs on Channel 5’s Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly, embarks on a new journey within the world of canines.

In new four-part series The Dog Hospital with Graeme Hall, he gains exclusive access to Willows Hospital in Solihull, one of Britain’s busiest and most advanced veterinary hospitals.

Throughout the series, Graeme delves into the heart of Willows Hospital, witnessing cutting-edge procedures, collaborating with skilled specialists and bearing witness to remarkable recoveries.

The opening episode features the gripping story of 10-month-old Springer Spaniel, Louie, who faced a life-threatening situation after impaling himself on a stick during a walk. Graeme follows the emergency surgery conducted by the soft tissue team to save Louie’s life.

In another heart wrenching case, Graeme accompanies the veterinary physiotherapy team as they work with 12-week-old Sussex Spaniel, Elton, who requires rehabilitation to regain his ability to walk following a debilitating home accident. Owner Philippa entrusts Elton’s care to the hospital’s experts, hoping they can restore mobility to his hind legs.

The series also explores the emotional journey of Akasha, a 10-year-old diabetic Husky who suddenly went blind. Graeme joins her distraught owners during a consultation, learning about the cause of her blindness. Later, he observes a precision surgery aimed at restoring Akasha’s eyesight, understanding the high stakes involved and the potential life-changing impact of the procedure.

Graeme Hall said: “I’ve been privileged to follow highly skilled specialists behind the scenes at one of the country’s top veterinary hospitals recently, as they give hope to some very poorly dogs and their worried owners. It’s been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to share it with Channel 5 viewers.”

The Dog Hospital with Graeme Hall airs from Thursday, 5 October at 8PM on Channel 5.

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