The Deal or No Deal 1p Club


Deal or No Deal has a unique feature that sets it apart from other game shows: the infamous “1p Club.”

In Deal or No Deal, contestants choose from sealed boxes containing varying amounts of money, ranging from 1 penny to £250,000 (£100,000 in the new ITV reboot).

The 1p Club refers to those unfortunate contestants who end up winning the lowest possible amount in the game – just 1 penny. This outcome is a dramatic contrast to the life-changing sums that players hope to win when they start the game.

The 1p Club is more than just a game outcome; it represents the psychological rollercoaster that contestants undergo after applying for Deal or No Deal.

Deal Or No Deal game screen

The show is a high-stakes game of risk and reward, and ending up with just a penny is a stark reminder of the unpredictability and chance inherent in the game. Contestants in the 1p Club have often turned down significant sums of money from the Banker, holding out hope for a larger prize, only to be left with the smallest amount.

Since the show’s launch in the UK in 2005, just over 50 people have the claim to to fame of winning 1p on Deal Or No Deal.

One of them was Sally Kettle who turned down an offer of £18,000 from the banker in an episode in 2009.

Speaking about her experience, she shared: “You know the cliches: there’s no point crying over spilt milk; it’s not the end result but what you learn on the journey.”

And Kettle, who is now a charity worker added: “Of course I was gutted, but it made me resilient, too… I’ve discovered it’s through facing adversity, not winning cash, that you grow stronger.”

Sally Kettle wins 1p on Deal Or No Deal

Over the years, the 1p Club has become a significant part of Deal or No Deal’s identity. It has been featured in various specials and segments, with members sometimes returning for redemption games or special editions of the show.

The 1p Club has become a kind of cult phenomenon, with its members sharing a unique bond over their shared experience on the show.

In the new series in 2023, Reece became the latest unlucky 1p Club member.

Deal Or No Deal continues weekdays at 4PM on ITV1 and ITVX.