The Couple Next Door cast revealed for Channel 4 drama


New drama The Couple Next Door has arrived on Channel 4 – here’s a full run down of who’s on the cast.

Created by Eagle Eye Drama, the production house behind Suspect, Professor T and Before We Die, The Couple Next Door presents a gripping psychological drama.

A teaser shares: “When Evie and Pete move into an upscale neighbourhood, they find themselves in a world of curtain twitching and status anxiety. But soon find friendship in the shape of the couple next door, alpha traffic cop Danny and his wife, glamorous yoga instructor Becka.

The Couple Next Door Ep1

“As time goes on, these two couples get increasingly close to each other and one fateful night, become sexually entangled in a way that will change their lives forever…”

The Couple Next Door 2023 cast

Here’s a full rundown of who’s on the cast of The Couple Next Door

  • Sam Heughan plays PC Danny Whitwell
  • Eleanor Tomlinson plays Evie Greenwood
  • Alfred Enoch plays Pete Thomas
  • Jessica De Gouw plays Becka Whitwell
  • Hugh Dennis plays Alan Richardson
  • Kate Robbins plays Jean Richardson
  • Joel Morris plays PC Gary Hudson
  • Ioanna Kimbook plays Sophie Foxton
  • Deirdre Mullins plays Lena
  • Janine Duvistki plays Gloria
  • Daniel Bell plays Olly
  • Mark Frost plays Robbie Spencer
  • Andrew Woodall plays Brian
  • Anastasia Hille – Susan
  • Katie Clarkson-Hill plays Rachel
  • Noah Holdsworth plays Ethan
  • Stephanie Street plays Jas Atha
  • Clare Burt plays Paula McGinn
  • Ellie Lucia Mcardle plays Molly

Learn more about the key characters below…

Danny Whitwell (Sam Heughan)

A motorbike-loving traffic cop, Danny is outwardly charismatic but struggles with self-doubt and a significant secret that threatens his non-monogamous marriage with Becka. His life complicates further when he meets Evie and feels an undeniable attraction.

Evie Greenwood (Eleanor Tomlinson)

Once sheltered and part of an evangelical family, Evie is ready for new experiences after her long-term relationship and a recent loss, finding intrigue in Danny and Becka’s world.

Becka Whitwell (Jessica De Gouw)

A personal trainer and yoga influencer, Becka longs for the excitement of her early relationship with Danny, feeling constrained by the rules of their non-monogamous marriage.

Pete Thomas (Alfie Enoch)

Pete is a journalist with emotional conservatism, struggling to cope with the adventurous changes in his long-term partner, Evie.

Alan Richardson (Hugh Dennis)

A bookkeeper and nosy neighbour, Alan obsesses over Becka, leading him to increasingly dark behavior.

Jean Richardson (Kate Robbins)

Jean, struggling with mobility issues and hopeful of rekindling her marriage with Alan, is unaware of his obsession with Becka.

Gary Hudson (Joel Morris)

A traffic cop and friend of Danny’s, Gary is known for his bravado and dubious morals.

Sophie Foxton (Ioanna Kimbook)

A junior reporter and Pete’s colleague, Sophie teases him for being out of touch while harboring a secret crush on him.

Lena (Deirdre Mullins)

Lena is the fiercely protective mother of Danny’s secret son, Ethan, and reaches out to Danny for help under dire circumstances.

Gloria (Janine Duvistki)

Gloria, the eccentric and well-informed resident of the neighbourhood, is always accompanied by her dog, Mr. Snuffles.#

Watch The Couple Next Door on TV and online

The Couple Next Door begins on Monday, 27 November at 9PM on Channel 4. The second episode continues on Tuesday, 28 November at 9:15PM.

The series has six episodes which will continue Monday and Tuesday nights.

You’ll also be able to watch episodes online and catch up via the Channel4 website.

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