The Circle results! Winner, voting percentages and final ratings revealed


The Circle concluded its first series last week – here’s a recap of who won and all the voting figures.

Four weeks ago, the first eight of 15 individuals, from all walks of life entered a competition – a popularity contest to win up to £50,000. They lived in one modern block but separately in individual apartments, interacting with one another exclusively through a bespoke voice-activated social media platform called The Circle.

Every few days they rated one another. Those with the highest ratings became influencers, deciding which of the lowest rated players to ‘block’ and kick off the show.

Tonight, presenters Maya Jama and Alice Levine return for one final episode as they re-live all the best moments from inside the apartments and psychologist Honey Langcaster-James analyses the key action that led to one Player getting their hands on the £50,000 prize.

In the final, four finalists went head to head: Genuine Dan, straight-acting Freddie, catfish Kate/Alex and girl-next-door Sian.

In the final Alex Hobern was voted winner of The Circle by the players, who knew him as Kate, taking home £50,000.

The Players gave each other the following ratings:

Dan rated Freddie 4, Kate 5, Sian 5
Freddie rated Dan 1, Kate 2 and Sian 1
Kate/Alex rated Dan 2, Freddie 1, Sian 1
Sian rated Dan 3, Freddie 3 and Kate 2

The result was therefore incredibly close with just one point splitting the four piece:

Kate/Alex received the highest overall Circle rating of 9 (average rating: 3.00)
Freddie was in 2nd place with 8 (2.67)
Sian was 3rd with an overall rating of 7 (2.33)
And in 4th and final place was Dan with an overall rating of 6 (2.00)

Alex was also crowned winner of the Viewer vote winning a further £25,000.

In the Viewer vote, the finalists received the following votes:

Alex/Kate 50.06%
Dan 24.72%
Sian 12.95%
Freddie 12.27%

See how the finalists reacted to the results once the fanfare of the finale was over, and they were back in the real world tonight.

The Circle Uncovered – Tuesday 10.20pm on Channel 4

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