The Circle 2021 reveals first big twist as one contestant is ‘cloned’

The Circle has revealed its first big twist as the new series launched this evening.


The Circle is back with its third series kicking off on Channel 4 on Tuesday night.

In The Circle participants are homed in individual apartments. They can only speak with one another via a unique social media platform.

Hidden behind the screen and free to be whoever they want, the aim of the game is to chosen as the most popular player by the other competitors in The Circle. Contestants may play honestly or choose to hide certain things or even take on a false persona in order to trick their competitors.

Those voted the least popular in weekly ratings will find themselves blocked from The Circle and eliminated from the game.

The first ratings took place just after moving in with the players only able to vote on initial first impressions.

James Crossley (playing as nurse Gemma) was rated the most popular and had the power in the first blocking.


He chose to block Chris, who was actually Yolanda playing as her husband.

However there was a twist, with host Emma Willis revealing to Yolanda: “The Circle is giving you a second life.

“As far as your fellow players are concerned, you have been blocked The Circle. You will even send them a goodbye video tomorrow.

“In order to play on in the game, you must clone one of your fellow players in The Circle. Tomorrow you will re-enter the game with an identical profile. The other players will not know who is the real player and who is the clone.”

Yoland chose to clone Tally, re-entering The Circle under her profile in Wednesday’s show.

Recap the full first ratings below…

1st. James Crossley (playing as Gemma)
2nd. Billy
3rd. Andy
4th.= Yolanda (playing as Chris)
4th.= Vithun


6th.= Tally
6th.= Manrika
8th. Hashu (playing as Syed)
9th. Jamie and Millie (playing as Penny)

The Circle continues Sunday to Friday nights on Channel 4.

Up for grabs for the winner is a cash prize of up to £100k. In the game where anyone can be anyone, who will triumph on The Circle?


The Circle 2021 is presented by Emma Willis and also welcomes narrator comic Sophie Willan.

You can catch up now with All 4.

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