The Circle 2021 behind the scenes secrets revealed by former contestant

As The Circle returns to Channel 4 for its brand new series, a former contestant has spilled the show’s behind the scenes secrets.


In a number of videos on his YouTube channel, series 1 winner Alex Hobern has answered fan questions about the show.

He shared all on how things work on the reality series, from food and internet access to laundry and the cameras.

Do The Circle players have access to TV and the internet?

Nope! Contestants on the show have very little to pass the time with Alex describing it as “one of the most boring places to be in other than when you’re not engaging with each other.”

There’s no TV, no mobile, no films and no Netflix.

However contestants ARE allowed to bring in some books to pass the time and there are card games and puzzles to try to help keep players entertained.

Meanwhile, Alex reveals that Players are able to make a ‘shopping list’ of food which is delivered to the flats. As well as food deliveries, players also have their washing taken care of with dirty laundry returned to them cleaned and folded.


The contestants can never hear one another

The flats are soundproofed and spread out across The Circle building. The only time players leave their flats is to head to the roof for some fresh air, the gym or the ‘Inner Circle’ to discuss blockings.

When a player is moved they wear earplugs with earmuffs over them to ensure no one can hear anything.



Players don’t know the time

Former contestant Alex says that players have ‘no concept of time’ while on the show with no watches, computers or TV.

“I started looking at the sun and thinking ‘I reckon its 2’o’clock now’,” Alex revealed.

It’s a unique place to be and so help is always on hand.

Alex says a phycologist is always there if players need someone to talk, with Alex admitting he got down and at times wanted to leave: “It’s so tough to be on your own.”

The cameras never turn off

Cameras run 24/7, with Alex revealing: “For two reasons: First, in case you do something funny by accident such as falling over they want to capture that.

“The second reason for welfare. You might need help in some way, they need to be watching you at all times.”

The only tiny bit of privacy players get is when on the toilet or in the shower – but they still wear microphones in order to ask for help if required.


Is The Circle scripted?

According to Alex, absolutely not.

“I can tell you for a fact its not scripted. I had free reign to do what I want, not one person suggested I say something, it all came from my head,” he says.

But the big question – is The Circle REALLY voice activated or are there people behind the scenes just typing out what players say?

The answer remains a mystery with Alex saying: “I don’t know. I would speak and the words would come out and appear in front of me.”



The Circle airs Sunday-Fridays on Channel 4 and All 4.

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