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The Apprentice candidates accidentally buy an octopus

A group of The Apprentice 2018 candidates ended up accidentally buying an octopus in tonight’s show.


The new series kicked off off tonight with sixteen brand new candidates from a broad range of backgrounds.

Lord Sugar warned the candidates to “expect the unexpected” before immediately sending them abroad. Split into teams of Men and Women, and under the scrutiny of Baroness Brady and Claude Littner, the candidates’ head to Europe.

They flew off to this year’s capital of culture, Valletta, in Mediterranean Malta, on a day-long shopping spree. They were given a list of items to purchase for the cheapest price.

One of the items was an octopus with a ’40 inch hose’, a type of underwater breathing apparatus used for scuba diving.

However the Boys’ team got rather flustered and mistook the item for an actual octopus.

They hunted down a fishmongers to try to strike a deal. The team leader Rick Monk declared: “When we get in there I’m going to go in and start the negotiation. Let’s not go in there looking like a group of idiots.”


The boys whipped out a tape measure to ensure the octopus was 40 inches long, measuring its tentacles.

Other products needed to be purchased ranged from salt and blinds to a souvenir boat and wine.

Alongside confusion over the products, there were also rows over negotiations and who should lead the teams.

At the end of it all, candidates returned to London for a showdown with Lord Sugar who revealed the all important results.


And despite their octopus hiccup, the Boys beat the Girls in the task.

The Apprentice 2018 airs Wednesday nights at 9PM on BBC One.

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