The Apprentice 2019 results! Who left? Seventh candidate fired after advertising task

Who was fired from The Apprentice? Week 7 November 13

Lord Sugar fired another candidate in tonight’s The Apprentice 2019 results – who left this week?

This evening’s episode saw Jemelin Artigas become the seventh candidate to be fired from the BBC One business show.

Tonight (November 13) the candidates gathered at London Stadium in Stratford, site of the 2012 Olympics and home to UK Athletics and West Ham FC.

Lord Sugar revealed that their latest task would see the candidates head to Finland, challenged to create an innovative advertising campaign to entice UK tourists to visit during summer.

Marianne Rawlins led Team Empower with Thomas Skinner, Ryan-Mark Parsons, Jemelin Artigas and Pamela Laird.

Team Unison was led by Dean Ahmad with Scarlett Allen-Horton, Lottie Lion, and Lewis Ellis, Carina Lepore

Half of each team went to Finland to film a TV advert while the other halves design a marketing campaign and a digital billboard to be displayed at Piccadilly Circus.

The candidates then pitched their campaigns to industry experts which included the head of tourism for Finland.

Team Empower created a campaign focused around the LGBTQ+ community while Team Unison opted to target backpackers and adventurers.

The Apprentice 2019 results

The winner of the task was ultimately decided by Lord Sugar based on the feedback by the experts, with Team Unison being crowned the winning team.

For their treat, winning Team Unison went on an indoor skiing adventure while losing Team Empower stayed to face Lord Sugar in the final boardroom.

Project manager Marianne brought Ryan-Mark and Jemelin back for the final showdown.

Delivering his verdict, Lord Sugar concluded: “Jemelin, I’m sorry to say that I think your part in this task was really the main failure so I’m sorry but you’re fired.”

Making her exit, Jemelin said: “I believe I’m already successful. I came to this country with noting. At 16, I didn’t even speak the language, I was homeless at one point. I used to clean toilets yet here I am today.

“No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you can become anything you want so long as you work hard.”

The Apprentice 2019 continues next Wednesday night at 9PM on BBC One.

Next week, the candidates are tasked with hosting a corporate away day onboard the iconic Belmond British Pullman train.

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