The Apprentice 2019: Fired candidate ‘gutted’ after ‘unexpected’ exit


The Apprentice 2019’s first fired candidate has admitted he’s “gutted” over his exit.

The new series launched last week with sixteen brand new candidates from a broad range of backgrounds.

They all have one thing in common, a passionate desire to secure a £250,000 investment in their business plan and win a partnership with Lord Sugar.

In the first results of The Apprentice 2019 it was Shahin Hassan who was fired after a task in South Africa.

The men lost to the women as the groups launched tours for tourists with the ladies making more profit with their winery visit compared to the boys’ safari.

Project manager Lewis Ellis avoided the axe as Lord Sugar dumped Shahin after he struggled to sell tickets.

Following the episode, Shahin admitted: “I’m really gutted. I’m surprised I left in the first week. I thought I was a strong contender so I wasn’t expecting it.”

Shahin told the Daily Mirror newspaper that he felt thrown under the bus by his fellow candidates.

“I think I was an easy scapegoat for them as well,” he said. “I did sell something on the second day, I wasn’t the one who didn’t sell anything.”

The Apprentice 2019 continues Wednesday nights on BBC One.

In episode 2 this week, Lord Sugar summons the candidates to Alexandra Palace. In the centre of the venue’s famous ice rink, he reveals to them that for this week’s task they will be creating and selling their own range of ice lollies.

They will need to create two original lollies each, one to pitch to a corporate client and the other to sell to the general public.

In the boardroom, one team is frozen out and one candidate put on ice as they become the second person to be told, ‘You’re Fired!’

You can watch episodes online and catch up via the BBC iPlayer.

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