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The Apprentice 2018 results: Who left? Third candidate fired after task at bodybuilding expo

Who was fired from The Apprentice this week?

Lord Sugar fired another candidate in The Apprentice 2018 results tonight – but who this week?


This evening’s episode saw Alex Finn become the fourth candidate to be fired from the BBC One business show.

In this week’s episode, Lord Sugar summoned the candidates to London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall where Lord Sugar sets them the challenge of selling at one of the world’s largest bodybuilding expos.

Based at the NEC in Birmingham, the teams had to tempt beefed up bodybuilders to part with their cash in exchange for high end products and services aimed at fitness fans.

“I’m expecting to see sales form each and everyone of you,” announced Lord Sugar.

Before setting the task, Lord Sugar mixed up the teams before they picked project managers.

Kayode Damali, Kurran Pooni, Rick Monk, Tom Bunday, Sarah Ann Magson, Jackie Fast and Jasmine Kundra make up newly named Team Collaborative led by Sarah Ann.


Camilla Ainsworth, Khadija Kalifa, Sabrina Stocker, Sian Gabbidon, Alex Finn and Daniel Elahi create Team Typhoon, led by Sabrina.

On the first day, the teams had to decide which products and services they wanted to sell at the vent.

Both teams fight to sell top notch weights, leaving the vendor to decide. He went with Sabrina’s Team Typhoon, leaving Sarah Ann’s Team Collaborative strong-armed into selling saunas.

That meant on day two, when selling started, the pressure was on for the sauna team. Meanwhile, the other product team were also left struggling to pull their weight.

On the sub-teams selling services, Team Team went with spray tans but soon discovered they may not have the simple, straightforward golden ticket their PM asked for. While for Team Collaborative selling massages, low product costs meant the team were hard pressed all day.

After a day of selling, it was back to the boardroom where the results were revealed.

The Apprentice 2018 results

Team Typhoon sold a total of £1,638.39

Team Collaborative sold a total of £1,892.50


Sabrina brought back Sian and Alex back to the boardroom where it was Lord Sugar who flexed his muscles, sending Alex home.

The Apprentice 2018 continues next Wednesday night at 9PM on BBC One.

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