Tenable applications: Apply to be a contestant on the ITV series

Here’s how to apply to be a contestant on Tenable as it returns for a new series.

Hosted by Warwick Davis, Tenable first launched on ITV in 2016 and has aired five series to date together with a Celebrity spin-off.

Series 6 is now on its way – here’s how to apply to take part!

Tenable applications

The Tenable team ask: “We are looking for TEAMS of 5 to take part in the new series of the ITV Quiz TENABLE hosted by WARWICK DAVIS.

“Do you and your family, friends, work colleagues or pub quiz team have what it takes to answer ‘TOP TEN’ list questions and take home a cash prize of up to £125,000?”

You must be at least 18 to apply and the closing date for applications is 21 January, 2022

You can apply online by clicking here.

How does Tenable work?

In each round, contestants must give as many answers as possible to questions that have ten answers, e.g. ‘Top Ten Selling Beyoncé Singles’.

In each of the first five rounds, one player takes part and must give at least five correct answers to add £1,000 to the prize pot. Giving all ten correct answers adds £25,000 to the prize fund.

If a player fails to give at least five correct answers or gives more than one incorrect answer, they are eliminated.

In the final round, the remaining contestants are given one final question and must each answer in turn to give all ten answers to win their accumulated jackpot – up to £125,000.

An incorrect answer sees a player eliminated. If all players are eliminated before all ten answers are given, they leave with nothing.

Tenable airs on ITV

Picture: ITV

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