Taskmaster 2020 cast line up and episodes from series 10 on Channel 4

Taskmaster series 10 line up, number of episodes and how to watch online

Series 10 of Taskmaster has arrived on Channel 4 for 2020 – here’s all you need to know!


Taskmaster has proved a huge hit ever since it first premiered on UKTV’s Dave in 2015. It was announced in 2019 that the show will move to Channel 4 for its upcoming tenth series.

The comedy panel game show sees a group of famous comedians set a series of weird and challenging task by almighty Taskmaster Greg Davies.

Faithful underling sidekick, Alex Horne – who created the format – accompanies the Taskmaster equipped with spreadsheets and stopwatches, eager to facilitate his master’s every whim and adjudicate his loose point system to determine a winner.

Watch Taskmaster 2020 on TV and online

The ten-part series started on Thursday, October 15 at 9PM.

Episodes will air weekly on TV and online via the All 4 player.

As well as the new series, the first nine series of Taskmaster are also available to stream or download for free for UK viewers.


Taskmaster series 10 cast

Those taking part on the series 10 line up are:

BAFTA winning actress and writer Daisy May Cooper;

Acclaimed comedian, writer and director Johnny Vegas;

BAFTA winning actress Katherine Parkinson;

Comedian and actor Mawaan Rizwan;

Comedian, multi-award-winning podcaster and writer Richard Herring.

Taskmaster 2020 episodes

Episode 1 – 15 October
In episode one, the new batch of contestants get stuck in with giant bears, disappearing cows and flying eggs.


Episode 2 – 22 October
Johnny yells stuff from a tall chair, Katherine forgets how balloons work and Richard flails around in a dinghy. Alex Horne makes himself useful by checking things on his tablet.

Episode 3 – 29 October
Under the beady eye of glorified secretary Alex Horne, Mawaan attempts an upside-down farm-related illusion, Daisy softens some pasta and Katherine lays waste to a garden arch

Episode 4 – 5 November
Daisy flirts with a security guard, Richard is surprised by some chickens and Johnny convinces Alex to wear sparkly shoes while operating heavy machinery.

Episode 5 – 12 November
At the halfway point of the series, Daisy has set the pace in the race to win Greg Davies’ coveted golden head trophy. In this episode, all five comics demonstrate their love of watermelon, while Johnny attempts to win points by grabbing a passing cyclist and introducing him to some Christmas-related equipment.

Episode 6 – 19 November
Alex Horne takes copious notes as Daisy May Cooper gets very cross, Mawaan Rizwan learns a lesson about waterfowl and Richard Herring wrings out a wet sock.

Episode 7 – 26 November
Mawaan is not at all fazed when faced with a task involving office chairs, chickens and remote control cars, though the same can’t be said for the other competitors… Elsewhere, Daisy tries to decipher mysterious messages from Richard, and Katherine is baffled by a giant marble.

Episode 8 – 3 December
Greg’s trusty assistant Alex Horne gets an acting role as he tries to ignore Richard hiding menacingly in a bush. Plus: Katherine pays a visit to the fridge, Mawaan nicks a cup of tea and Johnny takes a tumble.

Episode 9 – 10 December
It’s the penultimate episode of the series, and our famous five are hoping to conjure that extra bit of magic to help them become the 10th Taskmaster champion. Will Greg Davies be impressed by Richard Herring spilling blood for the cause? Mawaan Rizwan volleying oranges? Or Katherine Parkinson counting plastic balls?

Episode 10 – 17 December
It’s the final, with details to be confirmed in due course.



Catch Taskmaster on Channel 4 on Thursdays at 9PM.