Take Me Out: Meet tonight’s single ladies in first gender swap episode…


Take Me Out is back for a very special episode on ITV tonight from 6PM.

With SEVEN weddings, THREE babies (and TWO on the way!) the bar has been set high over ten years of Take Me Out.

King of Dating, Paddy McGuinness, works his matchmaking magic tonight in the first ever gender swap episode. 30 of Paddy’s all-time favourite boys from the past 10 series are behind the lights.

And it’s also a celebrity special: As it’s female celebrities that are coming down the legendary love lift!

TOWIE star Chloe Sims and Olympic Gymnast Claudia Fragapane make TMO dating history when they become the first ever ladies to brave the Love Lift in the hope of winning a date to the Isle of Fernando’s!

 Take Me Out:
Take Me Out celebs

Claudia reveals to Paddy she has NEVER been on a date before. “It’s not that I’m picky I just don’t have a lot of time. I’m not looking for a guy that’s super ripped but someone who has an interest in sport.”

“I come from a big Italian family, my Dad jokes I’m not allowed a boyfriend until I’m 25! Dad’s also my taxi, he takes me everywhere, he has to, I failed my driving test three times. I can’t get my head around roundabouts, like which way is which?”

To Claudia and no doubt her Dad’s relief, she finally passed her test on the fourth attempt!

Will Claudia find her dream man amongst tonight’s line up?

The second girl to ever brave the Love Lift is Chloe Sims from The Only Way Is Essex. Her chosen track is the very apt classic, ‘The Only Way Is Up’ by Yazz.

Chloe’s cousin Joey Essex makes a special appearance to help her get a date…

Chloe tells Paddy: “I want a rugged, manly man. Essex types are not working for me. I don’t want a chicken and broccoli gym bunny, they do my head in! Make up is my passion but I won’t share it with any bloke. I’m a real home body and I love to cook, I don’t mind saying my chicken stew is really good.”

Chloe’s cousin Joey Essex reveals that Chloe and her family are so jinxed in the love stakes they’ve given it an official name: The Sims Family Curse.

Paddy and The Boys.
Paddy and The Boys.

Says Joey: “Chloe has always been unlucky in love but she’s not the only one. Her brother, sister, cousin and me are jinxed too. We call it ‘The Sims Family Curse’. Leave your light on for Chloe, I guarantee you’ll have a reem time!”

Will Take Me Out be the show that breaks the curse for Chloe?

Take Me Out airs tonight at 6PM on ITV.

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