Take Me Out secrets revealed as the new series concludes

Take Me Out’s secrets have been revealed ahead of the last episode of the ITV dating show tonight.

Some of the show’s contestants have spilled on what it’s like behind the scenes for both the guys and the girls, who make up the flirty thirty.

In a chat with the Daily Star, single lady Leanne Rees told how the whole series is filmed pretty much non-stop over a total of nine days.

“It’s a show a night. We do a rehearsal in the day then film the show in the evening with the live audience,” she explained.

Leanne said that the first round often proved the hardest for the girls, who had to immediately decide to keep their lights on or off for a guy just based on his entrance.

Paddy McGuinness with Ieva, Hollie Anne and Becca.
Paddy McGuinness with Ieva, Hollie Anne and Becca.

She shared: “Paddy [McGuinness] asks about 10 of us why we turned our lights off or left them on. It’s really difficult the first round. You can only judge someone on their looks because that’s all it is.

“You can’t go, ‘You’re ugly’ or, ‘You’re not my type’. You’ve got to be nice about it because it took them a lot of guts to come down.”

Leanne – who appeared on last year’s series – went on to say everything on TV was “genuine” and that the girls always stood by one another as well.

She spilled: “Everyone is so empowered by each other. Backstage we all try and help each other out. Even when a girl gets picked, we’re all happy for her. She’s picked someone she liked.

“How you see us act on the show is genuine. You see how we’re feeling – and they get a little mini holiday to Fernandos.”

When it comes to that holiday, the men and women are kept apart until their date.

Roscoe Crawford, who was the one of the brave single lads to face the array of ladies, explained: “When you have picked your date you’re not actually allowed to speak to them much because they are whisked away. You don’t know anything about them or even what age they are until you go to Fernandos.

“It’s actually a bit like a blind date but you know what the person looks like.”

Take Me Out
Take Me Out

And he revealed: “We were all given a babysitter who went everywhere with us. For the first two days the boys were together we all flew out together and the girls were on a separate flight.

“They do this so we can’t speak to the girls and spoil any reactions or say anything bad because they want to catch everything on camera.”

Take Me Out airs Saturday nights on ITV with the final episode of the current series tonight at 6:30PM on ITV.

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