Where is Susan Boyle now? Britain’s Got Talent star nine years on from her audition

It’s been almost a decade since Susan Boyle stunned the world on Britain’s Got Talent.


Susan appeared on BGT in 2009 and has become one of the show’s most famous contestants.

Singing I Dreamed A Dream, her audition went down in history and has been watched by millions across the globe.

Although she didn’t actually win the series, Susan was signed by Simon Cowell and has since released a number of albums.

But nine years on, what is the superstar singer up to now?

Well it’s been very quiet from Susan since her latest record – A Wonderful World – was released in 2016. The album, her seventh overall, charted at Number 22 in the charts.

In an interview at the time, Susan revealed that she and Simon Cowell hadn’t spoken in years.


Susan said to Star magazine: “We last spoke two years ago, when I was shooting the pictures for my album. I haven’t spoken to him since, he’s too busy doing other things.”

“I’d love to do some more performing, I’d love to sing again on BGT and The X Factor. I wouldn’t turn it down,” Susan added.

However Simon hasn’t forgotten her and is working on a Christmas comeback for the end of the year.

He told The Sun newspaper: “She’ll have an album out this Christmas. We’ve got an idea to do something slightly different with her.”

“I think she’ll enjoy it. She’ll be making records with us for a long time. She’s amazing.”

So watch this space…


Simon went on to praise Susan – nicknamed SuBo – alongside series one winner Paul Potts.

“I think her and Paul in particular, they defined the show which is giving the underdog a shot and then they had a career, and I don’t think another show could have done that,” Simon said.