Survivor meets Big Brother in Netflix reality show Surviving Paradise

Here’s a first look at new Netflix reality series Surviving Paradise, arriving on the streamer this month.

The new show feels like a mix between Big Brother and Survivor with a little bit of Love Island thrown in for good measure.

It will see twelve contestants who think they are going to have the summer of their lives, living the life of luxury in a clifftop, ocean side villa.

Cast members hold their hands over their mouths in shock
Surviving Paradise. (L to R) Aaron, Taylor, Eva in episode 105 of Surviving Paradise. Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

What they don’t know is that they’ll have to start with nothing, living in the woods without any lavish amenities. Through friendships and alliances, they’ll team up to fight their way into the villa for a chance at the $100,000 grand prize.

Surviving Paradise is released on Netflix on Friday, 20 October 2023.

You can watch a first look trailer below…

The clip teases: “They think they’ll be living the life of luxury, but there’s one catch. In this game everyone starts with nothing. Alliances will get you into paradise but enemies can send you back to hell.”

The format will see the contestants split into the ‘outsiders’, living with nothing in the wild, and the ‘insiders’, living in a luxury villa.

The outsiders must compete and strategise to win their way into the villa, with the insiders left at the end of the game playing for the prize money.

Surviving Paradise is hosted by Jessimae Peluso and is released on Netflix on 20 October.

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