Survival Of The Fittest’s Sydney Devereaux angers Callum Pardoe

Survival Of The Fittest’s Sydney Devereaux rubs Callum Pardoe up the wrong way tonight.


New Replacement Sydney is already making herself known in the lodge.

She asks him and Mariam to move beds away from her and Callum also didn’t like her calling him “a grass” when he told the rest of the group about Georgia and Joel’s kiss.

In the Tree House, Callum says: “Who does she think she is? She came in yesterday and she’s telling people to move beds and get away from her if we’re going to sleep in the same bed together. I’ll do what I want… If you don’t want us to sleep next to you, go and sleep on the sofa.”

In the Tree House, Sydney says: “It’s so annoying how disrespectful everyone is being. Be quiet, just stop. Callum is so loud. There is a time and a place and I think right now, he is just being out of order.”

In the Tree House, Mettisse says she wishes the Boys wouldn’t annoy people so much so they wouldn’t put themselves at risk of being Replaced. “With Callum and Tristan, you either love them or you hate them. I do feel like the majority of people in The Lodge do love them.

“I would never want them to change in order to stay in, but obviously I am still hoping in the back of my mind [they keep quiet] today so no one sends them home.”

Survival of the Fittest airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2