Survival Of The Fittest: New girl Sydney Devereaux leaves the boys in a spin

New girl Sydney Devereaux makes quite the impression in tonight’s Survival Of The Fittest.


Following Lottie’s defeat in the Survival Challenge last night, Replacement Sydney is the next Girl to cross the bridge and enter The Lodge. She arrives whilst the Girls and Boys are enjoying an animal themed party.

In the Tree House, Sydney says: “It feels absolutely surreal, amazing, overwhelming, breathtaking! This place is like nothing I’ve ever seen or experienced in my life. It’s unbelievable.”

The Boys immediately debrief on who fancies her.

“I fancy her,” Tristan admits.

Sydney arrives at The Lodge
Sydney arrives at The Lodge

“She’s fit, man. I’m perfectly happy the way I am at the moment but she’s a good looking girl,” Callum adds.

Warren agrees that Sydney is pretty, as does Joel.


In the Tree House, James says: “I think Sydney is going to be competition for the Boys.”

In the Tree House, David shares his first impressions of Sydney: “Very cute body, pretty face, all-rounder, bit of me. She’s quite nice. She takes my fancy.”

Meanwhile, Georgia, Jenny and Sam are in the Look Out, talking about the Boys’ reactions to Sydney.

Mariam and Mettisse are talking about Sydney and sharing their concerns that she might turn Callum and Tristan’s heads.

“She seems like a really nice girl. I was a little bit scared when she walked in…” Mariam admits.

“Were you looking at Callum straight away?” Mettisse laughs.

“My eye was twitching! But you’ve got nothing to worry about with Tristan,” Mariam says.


“And you’ve got nothing to worry about with Callum,” Mettisse reassures.

Meanwhile Callum is telling James and Tristan: “Sydney is my type.”

“I’m happy as well to be fair but… It is what it is. If Sydney wants to be welcomed to the cuddle club then she’s more than welcome,” Tristan laughs.

James says of Sydney: “She says she normally goes for the scum bags. That’s her type and I said, ‘there’s no scumbags in here, we’re all pretty genuine.’”

“I’m a scumbag bro,” Tristan admits, “I’m the biggest scumbag in this house!”

“If she was to crack on with you, would you?” James asks Tristan.

 Callum admits he fancies Sydney.
Callum admits he fancies Sydney.

“I don’t know, bro,” Tristan admits.

In the Tree House, Tristan says of Sydney: “She’s got a nice body, nice bum which I rate, she seems like a nice girl. She is confident. I’m comfy with Mettisse but you’ve got to keep everyone at arm’s length…”


The next day, Tristan, Callum and David are brushing up on their flirting techniques. They take it in turns to pretend to be Sydney whilst the others try out chat up lines.

Survival of the Fittest continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.