Survival Of The Fittest: There’s major drama after Georgie Clarke’s exit

There’s plenty of drama in tonight’s Survival Of The Fittest as the girls react to Georgie Clarke’s departure.


Georgie was eliminated from the show last night following the latest public vote.

After the Girls lost the Team Challenge – seen in Wednesday night’s episode – the public were asked to vote to save their favourite Girl out of Georgia, Georgie, Jenny, Lottie, Mariam and Mettisse.

In Thursday night’s show, Laura entered The Lodge and revealed the four Girls who got the lowest public votes.

She then told the Boys they have to choose out of the bottom four, who they want to Replace and they chose Georgie.

Jenny is upset at Georgie being replaced.
Jenny is upset at Georgie being replaced.

In tonight’s show, we see the fallout as Georgia and Jenny are devastated after Georgie was Replaced by the Boys.

“Who’s got the brains now? Because I haven’t!” Georgia says. “I really thought she’d be the safest considering Ryan and James [both fancied her.] How two faced are they? I know it’s a game.”


“They’ve just turned their backs on her,” Jenny says.

In the Tree House, Jenny is crying: “I’ve lost a friendship first and foremost because we got really close and we just get each other and really respect each other. She is just an amazing strong person and she doesn’t deserve to go. I think the Boys, in their eyes, made the right choice, they picked out someone who was a really strong player from the start. I just think they are wimps.”

James and Ryan are outside. They can’t believe that Georgie left without saying goodbye to them.

In the Tree House, Mettisse opens up: “I am pleased I’m still here but at the same time, I do feel that Georgie does deserve it a lot more than me… It doesn’t really matter who has your back because people are working off strategy, not only off strategy, but also the boys have got this thing where the majority of votes win.

“Even if Tristan had my back and the rest of the boys didn’t, it wouldn’t really matter.”

Tristan tells Mettisse: “Georgie is probably like the strongest in the team so we had to do it like that.”

As evening draws in, Lottie, Mettisse and Mariam decide to stay in the Boys’ dorm for the night to have a cuddle with Warren, Tristan and Callum.


James goes to sleep in the Girls’ dorm where Jenny and Georgia are the only two left. The Girls seem annoyed that Mariam, Mettisse and Lottie have crossed enemy lines.

“It’s all about the single life. Am I sharing a bed? No way!” Georgia laughs.

James adds: “I think all those relationships in there are pretty genuine.”

The next morning, Mariam, Lottie and Mettisse are talking about staying with the Boys last night. Mettisse says she kissed Tristan and Lottie says she didn’t kiss Warren last night.

The Boys talk about The Girls.
The Boys talk about The Girls.

Mariam asks: “Do you think now we’ve got close to them it’s quite an advantage on our side?”

Mettisse replies: “With the boys, even if Tristan has my back or Callum has your back, if the majority vote that they want us to go they have to go with it and that’s just the game. At some point we might have to make that decision.”

“I could not vote Warren out,” Lottie says.


But Mettisse replies: “But if we all did and it was just you that said no, it would have to be Warren that went.”

Survival of the Fittest airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2