Survival Of The Fittest results! Who left? Two contestants evicted

Two contestants got the boot in Tuesday’s Survival Of The Fittest results.


In last night’s (Monday) show, host Laura Whitmore gathered the groups and announced: “This is the final week. This is the toughest yet.

“Teams, from now on there will be no more Replacements. The challenges will continue but winning a Team Challenge no longer means you’re safe. All challenges are now an opportunity for you to prove how much you deserve a place on your team.

“The public will be voting who they think is the Fittest Girl and the Fittest Boy and there will be some tough decisions for you to make too because only four Girls and four Boys will make the Final.”

“This is Survival of the Fittest and it’s time for each of you to prove to your team mates and the public that you deserve your place in The Lodge and a chance of winning a share of that forty thousand pounds.”


Later on, Hayley got a message: “Girls, tomorrow both teams will face the public vote however you can save two Boys. The remaining four Boys will be vulnerable. Please make your choice.”

Tristan got the same message which he read out to the Boys but saying the Boys must choose two Girls to save.


The boys chose to save Mettisse and Mariam while the girls saved David and Tristan from the axe.

On Tuesday, Laura enters the Lodge again.

Laura explained: “Yesterday both teams were asked to save two of the opposition from the public vote. Boys, you chose to save Maz and Mettisse. Girls, you chose to save David and Tristan. Congratulations to the four of you because you are all safe… for now.”

She continues: “So that means Jenny, Sam, Hayley and Shanice and Warren, Callum, Tom and James, you are all vulnerable… The public have been voting for who they think deserves to keep their place on their team.”

Laura reveals the Girl and Boy with the lowest public votes and they will leave The Lodge immediately.

Shanice Benstead got the lowest amount of public votes in the Girls’ team.

Tom Wilson survival of the fittest
Tom Wilson was eliminated, alongside Shanice Benstead

Tom Wilson got the lowest amount of public votes in the Boys’ team.


Both left The Lodge in tonight’s show.

The Survival of the Fittest continues nightly on ITV2.