Survival Of The Fittest: Joel Bennett gets the girls’ attention as he enters


Joel Bennett joins the Survival Of The Fittest cast in tonight’s latest show.

And he makes an immediate impression.

Model Joel from Manchester replaces Ryan Cleary, who was given the boot in Saturday night’s episode.

In this evening’s show, the Boys are anticipating the Replacement’s arrival.

“I don’t give a monkeys what he looks like or if he’s got a six pack or not, as long as he’s a fighter, as long as he’s a team player,” David says.

Joel gets to know boys.
Joel gets to know boys.

“I’m hoping he’s determined to do it,” James adds, “He might be Mr-Steal-Your-Girl though,” he teases Callum.

“Let’s hope he takes mine off my hands,” David jokes about Georgia.

Replacement Joel enters The Lodge.

In the Tree House, Sam says: “He is a good looking lad. He’s got a good body, he’s got good chat, good teeth, good smile. He’s definitely up there and I think some of the girls have noticed that.”

After Joel’s entrance, the Girls debrief on their thoughts.

Georgia admits she thinks he is really hot and Jenny says she thinks he is attractive.

Joel goes to meet the Girls and the Boys tease that all the Girls fancy him. When asked who he fancies, Joel says: “Looks-wise, Jen or Sam.”

On the Tree House, Jenny says: “It’s nice isn’t it when a boy compliments and flatters you and I am flattered, especially considering I’ve not had one sniff in the last week. He seems really, really nice and quite confident so good impressions.”


Mettisse, Georgia and Lottie are later chatting with Sam. Lottie says that Joel is definitely her type and Georgia admits she fancies Joel too. Mettisse can’t believe what the Girls are saying.

In the Tree House, Lottie says: “Warren is not my usual type and then the guy walks in that is literally made for me. What is this place doing to me? He is very yummy.”

In the Tree House, Mettisse says: “I feel like the Girls in here are just playing on things just for the sake of it and I feel like now Joel has come in, a few people’s true colours will probably be seen.”

Survival Of The Fittest airs tonight at 10PM on ITV2.