Survival Of The Fittest: Has Jenny West met her match in Tom Wilson?

Jenny West seems to already be falling for Survival Of The Fittest’s newest hottie Tom Wilson.


In tonight’s show, the Girls and Boys are celebrating Tom’s first night in The Lodge and Jenny is out to impress.

In the Tree House, she admits: “My plan with Tom tonight is to spend a bit more time with him and just carry on chatting, I think little bit more flirty.”

Meanwhile Tom is telling the Boys he fancies Jenny: “I like a girl who trains. Her physique is spot on for me. I’m going to let it flow and hopefully she is feeling the same.”

Later, Jenny and Tom are seen getting to know each other.

On her first impressions of Tom, Jenny said: “I always look at legs first. I always think legs are a good indicator of how hard someone can push themselves. You can see that your quads split.”

“I’ve been trying. I’ve been squatting!” Tom tells her.


In the Tree House, Tom says he thinks there is a spark between him and Jenny: “There are some signs there between us. Certainly eye contact and she’s smiling and she is playing with her hair. We have a great common ground.”

In the Tree House, Jenny says: “He is complimenting me… So far it’s gone down well.”

Jenny admits to the Girls that she fancies Tom: “He’s fun, he’s intelligent, he’s funny. I can chat to him about training and obviously he’s good looking. He’s tall, all the things I like. He’s easy to talk to as well.”

The next morning, Jenny and Tom get sweaty… as they work out together. David calls them the “power couple” as they enjoy a session in the gym.


Later, Jenny says to the Girls: “I have said from day one [that I like] six foot something, brown hair, he’s got to go to the gym… That is exactly my type, him… I guess it’s getting to the point where it’s getting flirty now. I do fancy him.”

Survival Of The Fittest airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.