Survival Of The Fittest cast: Meet new guy Tom Wilson who replaces Joel Bennett

Tom Wilson is the latest guy to join the Survival Of The Fittest cast.


This week, the girls won the latest head to head challenge, securing them safety from the public vote.

The boys went up for the viewer poll and last night the girls had to decide which one of them got the boot, and it was Joel Bennett who got the boot.

In tonight’s show, Joel’s replacement is revealed as Tom Wilson.

Tom is a 26-year-old Personal Trainer from Nottingham.

“The appeal is the fact that it’s competitive, it’s boys versus girls, and I want to win,” he said ahead of entering tonight. “Men are the stronger sex because we’re bigger, with bigger muscles, and we are more dominant.

“The boys should win because we are stronger, we tend to be better at sport and physical exercises and on that basis, we should win.”

However, he added: “If somebody can get in my head. If one of the girls that I like gets in my head, that’ll be my weakness.”

Of the girls, Tom said: “The type of girl who would be a nightmare would be someone who is two faced. I like to be real with people so be real with me. I don’t like arrogance in a guy. I’m confident and people assume I am arrogant, but I’m not.”


He added: “I’m most looking forward to meeting new people, being away from home and being in this completely new environment, and being on television as well, that’s exciting.”

Survival Of The Fittest airs at 9PM tonight on ITV2.