Strike: Career Of Evil cast and spoilers from J.K. Rowling’s BBC mini series

Strike cast and first look

Strike continues on BBC One night, based on the best selling novels of J.K. Rowling: Here’s all you need to know!

Tonight sees the second half of the third of three mini series. Strike: Career Of Evil is the third in the Cormoran Strike series and J.K. Rowling’s first crime novel written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

The second of two episodes in the second short series airs tonight at 9:00PM on BBC One.

Strike cast

Tom Burke stars as Cormoran Strike, a war veteran turned private detective operating out of a tiny office in London’s Denmark Street. Though he’s wounded both physically and psychologically, Strike’s unique insight and his background as an SIB Investigator prove crucial to solving three complex cases which have eluded the police.

Holliday Grainger plays Robin, assistant to Strike. Though she begins as a temporary secretary, managing Strike’s chaotic life, she soon becomes involved with his caseload and begins to see her true potential.

Also on the cast are Andrew Brooke, Ben Crompton, Jessica Gunning, Matt King, Kerr Logan, Killian Scott, Kierston Wareing

Strike spoilers

In this second part of Strike: Career Of Evil, Strike visits several London strip clubs in order to find out more about one of the murder suspects, Niall Brockbank.

Robin’s relationship with Matthew has hit a low point and she questions her commitment to marriage. Her mother arrives in London to talk her round, convincing Robin to spend some time at home in Masham.

Strike begins to narrow his list of suspicions – but, according to an angry Wardle, his investigating is ‘meddling’ with police business.

The killer continues to taunt them, with Matthew finding a severed human thumb in the kettle. Robin returns to comfort Matthew and provides Strike with Brockbank’s address.

Without Strike’s knowledge Robin allies herself with Shanker, paying him to take her to Brockbank’s home to question his girlfriend Alyssa – inadvertently putting herself in danger.

Strike Strike: Career Of Evil airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One.

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