Strictly Come Dancing winner Ore Oduba warns this year’s contestants

Reigning Strictly Come Dancing winner Ore Oduba has given this year’s celebs a harsh warning.

Sports presenter Ore won Strictly last year and says this year’s cast really don’t know what they’re letting themselves in for.

From the sweat to the tears, Ore revealed what it’s really like to compete on the show in a chat with the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper.

“I can remember being there this time last year and you just want to get started. I know they are so anxious and they’re sweating and having the worst nightmares,” he recalled. “You’re told Strictly is going to be hard, but even then you’re never ready for the intensity of it.”

Ore, who was partnered with Joanne Clifton on last year’s show, explained: “When you’re practising, not only does sweat pour out of you…tears also instinctively come. I would say to all contestants, ‘be ready to shed a few tears’.”

He went on: “We didn’t incorporate the tears into the performance. I think that just comes as a side effect. It was something that just happened to me in the show.

“When you find something you love so much, you have just got to open yourself up to it. You’ve got to go full throttle.”

And a year on from his time on the show, Ore advised this year’s contestants: “I feel like I made the most of it. You’ve got to make the most of it because it’s an amazing experience.”

Strictly Come Dancing starts on Saturday, September 23 starting at 6:25PM.