Strictly Come Dancing line up reveal their fears ahead of first live dance

Strictly Come Dancing’s latest line up of stars have revealed their fears ahead of their first live performance.

A new cast of fifteen celebrities have signed up for the 20th series of Strictly which will starts its live shows tonight.

And ahead of their first live dance on TV, the new crop of contestants have shared their biggest challenges with Kym Marsh confessing: “It’s not going to be easy for me for sure, even the live show element of it will be a challenge, because despite the fact that I do live TV every Monday, I still get nervous.

Kym Marsh on Strictly Come Dancing.
Kym Marsh on Strictly Come Dancing.

“Gethin thinks it’s hilarious but it’s something about being Kym on TV rather than playing a character, but I guess I’ll be able to act in in my dancing so I should be alright!”

Fleur East reveals: “I’m comfortable on a night out with friends, and I’m comfortable when I’ve got a microphone in my hand and I’m singing and I can sort of freestyle and do what I want. But having to follow a strict routine and being picked up on things like my posture, my arms or whether my neck was in the right place is going to be really difficult for me.

“It’s almost like I need to erase everything else I’ve learned and start again, so that’s going to be tough.”

Both Helen Skelton and Kaye Adams confess they’re feeling rather reserved going into the first weekend.

Helen Skelton on Strictly Come Dancing.
Helen Skelton on Strictly Come Dancing. Credit: BBC/Ray Burmiston

“I’m not that touchy feely, so I think the physical closeness I’ll need to have with my partner will take a bit of getting used to!” Helen says.

Kaye adds: “I just need to loosen up a bit. I mean, it’s the irony of a loose woman., I’ve always been quite a reserved person. I’ve told myself I’m a rubbish dancer for 40 years and that sinks in and so you have that perception of yourself. I suppose it’s the dances that really require me to, to go way outside my comfort zone.

“I mean, everything’s going to be outside my comfort zone, but some of it is going to be like going to the North Pole in a pair of flip flops! So I guess the Paso Doble and all that kind of shaky, sultry stuff is what’s going to test me to the limits.”

Meanwhile both Matt Goss and Will Mellor say their biggest challenge is themselves.

Matt explains: “I’m always the boss, in my show there is 50 plus people working together, and I oversee everything from the lighting to the dancers. But for Strictly I will be the pupil, and for me, it’s quite nerve wracking. But it’s super exciting to just learn a skill from an incredibly talented partner that knows exactly what they’re doing.”

Will continues: “The biggest challenge for me is myself! I’m doing this because I think it’ll be good for me mentally, give me a structure and be good for my fitness. I do stress a lot and worry about things that haven’t happened.

Will Mellor on Strictly Come Dancing.
Will Mellor on Strictly Come Dancing. Credit: BBC/Ray Burmiston

“I’ve got bad knees from football and I’ve been trying to work on them to build my muscles around them so they don’t pop out, so I’ll be worrying about them, or worrying that I’m going to get injured.

“I don’t take myself too seriously, but if I’m doing something, I’m in it to win it. I want to do my best and give it my all and represent my family.”

Finally, soap star James Bye adds: “The biggest challenge for me, is going to be the unknown. I don’t know if I can dance, I might be amazing but it’s very unlikely that that is the case. It’s more likely that, because I’m long, either my hands will be doing the right thing or my feet will be, but I don’t know if both will do the same at the same time.

“I am also worried for any parts of the dance where I am left to my own devices, that’s what I am most scared of!”

Strictly Come Dancing’s first live show airs Saturday, 24 September.