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Stories from survivors of the Manchester Bomb to air in new BBC documentary

The BBC will follow stories from survivors of the Manchester Bomb in a new documentary.


Currently called Manchester Bomb: The Girls’ Story, the documentary will air on BBC Three’s online channel.

The BBC says it will cover the stories of some of the female survivors caught up in last year’s attack at Ariana Grande’s sell out concert in Manchester.

The suicide attack was the worst act of terror in the UK since 7/7 and cut short the lives of 22 people, left over 100 people injured and changed countless lives forever. This documentary explores the psychological impact on the girls and the young women who survived, as well as the ripple effect on their family and friends.

The vast majority of the victims were female, fans of an artist whose public stand against sexism and the objectification of women gave them the confidence to believe that the world was their oyster. The bomber’s target wasn’t a building, rather it was young girls on the cusp of adulthood.

Filming over six months, the film will tell the stories of a handful of 11 to 28 year olds caught up in this tragedy.

They’ll be seen attending medical appointments and counselling sessions, trying to return to the life they had before the bomb.

The BBC say the documentary will be “told in their own words with raw honesty” and give a “unique insight into their worlds.”

The Director, Lizzie Kempton said: “I feel so privileged to have been filming with these girls. No one can truly understand what they and their families have been through but I hope this documentary can give some insight and show the strength of these girls at such a difficult time in their lives.”


Damian Kavanagh, Controller BBC Three, added: “Because this attack happened to young people, we felt it was vital that we found a way to tell the inspirational stories of those that were affected by this awful event as they rebuild their lives. It is an incredibly important film for BBC Three and we’re delighted that Lizzie, who is a talented first time film-maker, has made this film.”

The documentary will be on BBC Three around the first anniversary of the attack in May and is made by Manchester production company Blakeway North.