Stephen Mulhern plans to mess with the Britain’s Got Talent judges

Stephen Mulhern has teased his plans for the new series of Britain’s Got More Talent.


Britain’s Got More Talent returns for a new series on ITV2 with presenter Stephen Mulhern back for his 12th year…and no, he can’t believe it either!

As always, Stephen will get the very best access to the judges, finding out more about them, and more importantly what the judges think of each other! This series will be as fun filled as ever with Stephen asking the judges and acts all the questions that no one else would dare to, and playing games with them that no one else would want to.

He revealed this weekend: “The judges forget they are filmed 24/7 when they are on set. So we have all the footage of their conversations where they are gossiping between auditions.

“We’re going to use it to play a game.

“For example, we’ll repeat things they’ve said about other people such as, ‘She’s not really that nice in person’ and ask which one said it and who it was about.”

Stephen told The Sun newspaper: “It’ll be like Russian Roulette, we’ll play it and see who they were talking about.

“It’s like they’ve never been on TV before, they know their microphone is on but they are still whispering.”

As well as chatting to the judges, Stephen will be getting to know a whole new host of hilarious unseen contestants in his own unique way and as ever, it’s these acts that make Britain’s Got More Talent such compelling viewing. Stephen will be coming face-to-face with the unusual, the incredible and the downright outrageous.


Britain’s Got More Talent will air on ITV2 on Saturday, April 14 from 9:25PM.

The main show starts at 8PM on ITV.